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Businesses Across The Nation Trust TimeClock Pearl
As Their Timekeeper, And Have For Over A Decade

Fox Run Golf Course

The TimeClock Pearl interface is so easy to use. Every feature you would want is included. Easy for multiple managers or just one manager. I haven't had a single complaint from any of my employees. Everyone is extremely pleased with how easy it is to use and the ability to see how many hours they've worked in the current pay period. We are extremely satisfied, there's no doubt about it. It has really cut down the time we spend on payroll and works great with a touch screen. The program has saved countless hours and headache and works better than I expected.
-- Greg Gilg, Director of Operations

Marathon, Inc.

I recommend TimeClock Pearl to any business that wants to save time and energy managing timecards. TimeClock Pearl has allowed our managers to spend more time managing and less time on paperwork. It's also quick and easy to find out clock in information on your employees. You can send messages to staff who don't have email access and they can send messages to you. It works great for communicating with second and third shift staff. TimeClock Pearl has nice features for employees too. They can submit vacation requests, find out how much vacation they have left and leave memos when they clock in. We've been using TimeClock Pearl for seven years and it's great. We have a staff of 90 employees working three shifts.
-- Corey Windedahl, Operations Manager

Pharmacare Ltd

We've found Affinity Software's customer service most gratifying and always willing to work with us to find solutions to issues. TimeClock Pearl is easy to use (a number one concern), has saved us time and money tracking down hours and has added trust to our timekeeping. Punches are in black and white, providing accountability for employees who need it. Our accountant loves the fact she has timecards from all nine of our locations at the same time. The system is unflawed in timekeeping.
-- Jim Kleingartner, Operations Manager (Cloud Service Client)

Coleridge Community Schools

As a payroll accountant for a school, I recommend the TimeClock Pearl software as a perfect solution for tracking time for hourly employees. TimeClock Pearl eliminates days of manually counting minutes from timecards, with increased accuracy. The software is extremely user friendly, and is not intimidating to our employees. The reports that TimeClock Pearl generates are complete, easy to read, and gives me all the information I need for my monthly payroll. The ability to track sick leave and vacation days is also very beneficial, since the information is available for employees to view. I would strongly recommend TimeClock Pearl to anyone who is looking for a timesaver when it comes to counting minutes!
-- Sheri Krei, Business Manager

Kathy Anderson, Technology Assistant

TimeClock Pearl is a very user-friendly program. It's very easy to set up, and staff members with even the slightest knowledge of computers use it with ease. It also works very well on cross-platform environments. I have been looking for a program like this for a long time. TimeClock Pearl is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy way to manage non-salaried employees without spending a lot of time on record keeping.
-- Kathy Anderson, Technology Assistant
All kinds of businesses, organizations and institutions across the country are using TimeClock Pearl.

Doctors Offices
Dentist Offices
Law Firms
Chiropractic Offices
Medical Clinics
Golf Courses

Computer Services
Real Estate Agencies
Printing Companies
Financial Services
Photography Studios
Insurance Firms

Internet Service Providers
Retail Stores
Manufacturing Plants
Public / Private Schools
Medical Supply Companies

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